The Design Build Team Concept

The Design Build Team concept is a design + build partnership that includes the client, the designer and the contractor working together as team to create a house... a home... a work of art!

The House

High quality and sustainable construction

Use of new technology's and practice

Energy conservation initiatives

Third party energy rating certification learn more...

Unbelievable energy savings 

Energy star program 

Gold Level Green Certification

Eco-friendly initiatives

The Home

Individual identity and timeless style that the client can live with and adapt through their entire home life.

New ways to live that fits our changing social structure.

Flexibility that allows the client to adapt as their life style changes.

Not the same overbuilt concepts, designs and color palettes you see everywhere.

Not the traditional room count, but more flexible spaces.

Open floor plans.

Overlapping spaces that create a feel of more space while using less square footage.

Space that furnishes well in multiple ways.

Multi-generational initiatives.

Aging in place initiatives.

The Work of Art

Cutting edge design.

Creating art thru form, space and order.

Embrace and capture the beauty of nature.

Preserve existing landscape.

Placement of glass to experience outdoor living inside.

Use of natural materials.

Outdoor living space that interacts with interior space.

Incorporate the work of artists and artisans.