About Us

About Us

When you’re thinking about having a custom home built or a renovation on your existing home, you want to identify a team that will become your team. The Design Build Team knows that it really isn’t about us, it’s about you. We’re committed to building you a quality and sustainable home that is personalized to fit your lifestyle.


The Design Build Team


Trimberger Design Group

Pat Trimberger, the principal of The Trimberger Design Group, has for more than 35 years been designing and managing the construction of beautiful sustainable custom homes in the Midwest, the Northwest and Mexico, incorporating his unique approach to the design and build process. “A House, A Home, A Work of Art”


Alpine Construction

Tim Eperjesi, the principal of Alpine Construction, Inc, has been building and remodeling homes in Indiana and Michigan for over 30 years. Alpine Construction is a member of the “Home Builders Association of St. Joseph Valley” and builds under the “Indiana Quality Assurance Builder Standards” program. Alpine Construction, Inc. was formed in 1986 and incorporated in 1990.


The Process

The Design Build Team begins by exploring your building site or existing homes attributes. We work to highlight the best features while minimizing any challenges. We develop a strong awareness of your goals and budget, and collaborate with you to develop the best design for your project. Each design evolves with a form that is responsive to the environment and your needs.

Below are the steps we go thru when we work together, from design through construction and beyond.  It’s a team process, and the goal is to work with you to make your dream project a reality.

Establish project's goals (clients requirements, desires, ideas and budget)

Explore the building site

Present the design contract proposal

Review and sign the design contract

Develop a conceptual site plan

Develop a conceptual building design

Develop a preliminary design & specifications

Estimate the preliminary design

Complete the construction drawings

Develop interior design and specifications

Present the construction contract proposal

Review and sign the construction contract

Start the construction

Manage all phases of the construction process

Review the construction progress with the client on a regular basis

Complete the construction

Conduct the new home orientation with the client

Provide professional customer service as needed

Let us help you design, build, or remodel your beautiful and sustainable home wherever you desire to live, on your site or ours.